A Girl Explained How to Have a Free One Night Stand

If you are looking for 1 night stand for free, no matter you are a man or a woman, learning some tricks can always increase the chance of having a successful one night stand for free. Some guys fail to hook up a pretty girl to have the desired sex because they don’t read a girl’s mind in terms of casual sex.

Women females want a one-night stand and give the best free sex. How to have the best one night stand for free? The following steps are explained by a girl. You guys just learn and practice. You will find your favorite girl to have free one night stand sex very soon.

Step 1: Establish “me you” communication with the girl

In traditional pickup nerd terminology, this would be known as establishing “man to woman” communication. This is a nerdy way of saying to make sure that the conversation is romantically charged and centered around the fact that there is sexual and romantic interest there.

Without a man to woman communication, you get those bad interactions where it’s interview style. There’s no interest built on her end and virtually no point to the conversation. This is actually what I see a lot of guys do when they go out and try to pick up girls. They just go up and ask a bunch of standard boring questions and go through the motions of building rapport.

They can try and make the girl want to have sex with them. This never works. Making sure the conversations are romantically charged. “Man to Woman” is crucial to building sexual interest and conveying to the girl that you’re potentially interested in her.

Think about any romantic chemistry you see happen in a movie or TV show, the interactions are always romantically charged. The point of the conversation is to build on the chemistry and get to know the other person along the way.

An example of this would be going up to a girl and saying something like “you seemed interesting so I had to come to meet you and see if you’re as interesting as you appear to be.” This is a super basic example but it has all the components necessary for establishing man to woman communication.

Step 2: Screen for logistics

Where is she staying that night? Who did she come out with? How is she getting home? Does she have any obligations later that night or early the next morning that would prevent her from going home with you? Is she there for a birthday party and with a group of friends that she feels obligated to hang out with, which would make it difficult for you to even spend enough time with her in the bar?

There are a lot of things that can get in the way. There are elements out of your control when you go out and try to meet girls. A good chunk of the time it won’t work out and by no fault of your own. This is totally fine. Just don’t try to force it in these situations.

The worst case you get a number from a pretty girl and you hang out with her the next day or later that weekend.

Step 3: Figure out the friends

Now if the logistics seem to be good or are in your favor then you may or may not have to handle the friends. Both guys and girls may try interjecting when you’re interacting with the girl, this is fine and normal. It means they’re being good friends and making sure she’s safe and taken care of.

If your sister was talking to a guy all night at the bar, she wanted to go home with him. You would at least want to talk to him and be certain that he’s normal and not a creep who’s a threat or danger to her.

Social pressure from friends is one of the biggest reasons why you won’t be able to bring a girl home. It’s incredibly common and even the best guys in the world still face this problem.

Sometimes the friends will ruin your chances. There’s nothing you can do about it. In that case, you would simply get the girl’s phone number and meet up with her again at a future time.

You should meet the friends at some point and talk to them enough and as much as you need to communicate to them that you’re a cool normal guy that her friend should go home with and not a weirdo creep who’s a threat and is gonna take her home and steal her organs.

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